Welcome to 1k to 1mill

Hello, my name is Brany but you may know me as MMASSASSIN on Twitter and social media.
 The intention of this website is to show you what an advanced trader with over 2 decades of experience would do if starting from scratch. I am challenging you to learn, and myself to achieve what most think is impossible. And this is to turn small amounts of money into true wealth.
What would one of the best traders in the world do if he had to start from nothing? Now you can find out. Along the way, you may be introduced to foreign terms like Butterflies, options spreads, OVERSIZED sizing, and I welcome you to ask me questions as to learn what they mean. For this will be a learning experience for new and some seasoned traders, but I promise you, anyone with dedication can learn this.

I have been in this game for a very long time, and nowadays you have so many who wish to learn the markets, but the wild west of disinformation and mediocrity out there is insane. We are looking to teach you, show you what’s possible, and do so for anyone who wants to learn. This will be free and open to the world, and as someone born in Colombia, Hispanic, would love nothing more than see more people of color realize the potentials provided by the markets. 

I do now yet know how I can attract minorities to this open site, and target those who I think are most excluded not only from the markets but from wealth in this country, but if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Understand that obviously, this is not my main account, so by adding another account I am giving myself much more work but I’m doing this sincerely to show others, REAL-TIME that it is possible. And if you benefit from this site, I ask you to give back by letting others know of it, and if somehow you can bring a single person of color into learning from this site, then you will have advanced its purpose and vision.